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dragon lantern
dragon lantern
dragon lantern
dragon lantern
dragon lantern
dragon lantern
dragon lantern
dragon lantern
dragon lantern

AL-002 Spring Festival Giant Chinese Dragon Lantern

Chinese dragon is a magical creature appeared in a lot of Chinese Legends.

Unlike the western dragon which normally shows as a evil and cruel monster.

Chinese dragon is thought as a wise and holy animal.

We Chinese called ourselves Descendants of the Dragon, it shows our national identity.

And some fairy tales call it the god of rain. Rain is one of the most important facts for triditional agriculture. Therefore, Chinese also worship dragon because of China used to be a agricultural country.

Our ancients believe in the Dragon Totem. We can always find the dragon totems on the ancient palace wall, stoa or the clothes of emperor.


Dragon totem on the roof of Chinese palace

What’s the Dragon festival lantern ?

It is a Chinese festival lantern with the images of dragons. Because of the importance of dragon totem, the dragon lanterns always appear in traditional Chinese festivals. The dragon lamps express our pursuit of a better life.

Special Festival Chinese Lantern

Dragon china lantern

Fetival lanterns is a very popular decoration in Chinese festivals with a long history. Chinese artists had developed a variety of dragon lanterns. Some of them adopted special materials.

China got the name because of chinas made here are very popular luxury goods in ancient time. You might hear about this information. But, did you see the speical china dragon lantern?

Dragon lamp china

Dragon lamp made with chinas

I guess not. Because it is a very diffcult traditional technology to make the china lanterns and only a few large Chinese lantern festival had display the china lanterns.

This china dragon lamp consists of over ten thousands china plates and spoons. Only a few workers and artisits with rich experience of making festival lanterns get the ability to build it.

Golden dragon lanterns

Golden is a very noble color in ancient China. It reminds people gold and the emperor. Therefore, golden dragon is a very noble too.

The golden dragon lantern is wraped by artificial gold foils. It looks glorious with attractive golden flash.

Dragon lantern float

It is a small ship with dragon images, you can also call it dragon boat. The dragon lantern float mainly display in the night. It’s amazing when those colorful lantern floats sail on the river at night.

We provide all kinds of customized festival lanterns, please feel free to contact us when you need our help.

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