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Ancient Tripod lantern
Ancient Tripod lantern
Ancient Tripod lantern

TL-004 Chinese New Year Lamps Ancient Tripod

Chinese Tripod is a special metal(tin and copper alloys) container in ancient China.


Bronze Tripod

Ancient Chinese start casting tripod since Xia Dynasty which is over 4000 years ago.

Tripod is the most important Sacrificial utensil in ancient China. It used to represent the supreme power of the nation.

According to the records of legends, Yu(the third of the three legendary emperors who created the Chinese state and also the first emperor of Xia Dynasty ), made Nine Tripods with metal from all nine states of ancient China. Each of the tripods represents a state and nine of them represent the whole nation.

As the dynasty changed, the Nine Tripods fell into the hands of different rulers. At the end of Zhou Dynasty(1056-256 BC), the empire turns to be very weak. King of the strong Chu kingdom sends a representative to inquire about the weight of the Nine Tripods to show his political ambition.

A Chinese old saying named “inquiring about the Tripods” means aspiring to the throne.

Ancient Tripod lantern

Chinese Ancient Tripod lantern

Ancient Tripod Chinese lantern

The ancient Tripod lantern is a giant festival lamp which shows us the beauty of Tripod. It is so big, as tall as a three-floor building, nine dragons sit on the Tripod.

Ancient Tripod lantern

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